3 Steps to become a Professional Soccer Player

It's hard to make the decision that you want to be a professional footballer. For some, it's more likely that fate will decide for you. Really though, you can make it there yourself if you're willing to make the sacrifices that are necessary along the way. Following these simple directions will help you on your way, but remember, simple does not mean easy!

Here are 3 steps to become a professional soccer player:

1. Play Soccer. Play a lot of Soccer. Most players start in house league, and those players are generally there just to have fun. You have to use this league as a launching pad to get into more competitive leagues. Your goal while you are playing is to improve as quickly as possible and this means always playing with the best players you can find.

Drive as far as you need to drive to train with the best players around, and keep training on your own. Work hard everyday on your personal fitness, but don't over-do it and work hard to avoid injury.

Always make sure you recover properly from your workouts by stretching and drinking fluids. An ice bath doesn't hurt either.

Play for your club team and your school team, sleep a lot every night and eat very healthy. Go for high energy and whole foods. Pasta and bread are great because you need a lot of carbohydrates, but don't forget fruits and vegetables too.

2. Once you have become the best player you can be, you need to get a trial at a professional soccer club. One of the best ways to do this is by getting an agent who can get you a trial at an academy somewhere.

Make a highlight video of yourself showing your brightest moments in the biggest games you have played in. This is what clubs will see when deciding whether they want to recruit you or not. These clubs will decide based on your skill level whether you are worth looking at further.

3. Go to the tryout in the best shape of your life, this is your time to shine and your trial period will determine whether you make it as a professional or not.

You will have to be strong, physically fit and in great cardiovascular health. All the work that you have ever done to make yourself a great player will be evident as you fight with other high quality players for the positions on the team.

If you trained right and you have some luck, you will be accepted as a professional soccer player!


Remember, this process is simple but it is far from easy. Don't think of getting an agent or a professional team trial as being major obstacles though, the real work is the years of preparation it takes to really be good enough. If you are a quality player your chances of getting into an elite team are very real, so practice, practice, practice!